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Saturday, November 28, 2015

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My Rabbit: Buster

This is my rabbit Buster Rhymes. A professional eater full time, a rapper on the side.
I adopted him on October 4th of this year, from a shelter in Manhattan.
He is the chillest rabbit around. He loves pets, bananas, and when people talk to him, but he HATES being picked up WITH A PASSION, whomp whomp.
I am highly considering getting a friend for him, preferably a female, but I gotta figure out the space situation first. Buster is currently living in my room, so I don't have much space for another cage, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out.
Question: Do you have any pets?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Here are 10 facts about me:
1. I am a pianist, organist, and bassist. I can sorta play the guitar, drums, violin, and tenor saxophone too.
2. I love photography. Film, Digital, etc. Would love to get a rangefinder camera some day...who wants to buy me a Leica M9?
3. I have family in Australia. I went there in 2009
4. I HATE cheese, but I love pizza....that's totally normal right?
5. I speak French and Haitian Creole. Shout out to all my Haitian Homies. Sak Pase!
6. I am obsessed with 80s/90s culture.
7. I'm very introverted.
8. I have a pet rabbit named Buster, short for Buster Rhymes. He's a nice (but sometimes super selfish) bunny.
9. I compose/arrange music, and will be writing some for a webseires that will come out next year =). Check out my SoundCloud.
10. Working on applying to Grad School for Music. Super nervous!

As you can see, I'm not a super interesting person, and I don't have much going on in my life at the moment, but I'm excited to start blogging again and grow with it. I used to have another blog called 'Farrah's Muse' that I updated from 2011-2014, but I was a bit tired of it so I took a break. Now, I'm starting all over again, and I also promised myself that I would use my camera a lot more, so here's to the revival of my Nikon D3100!

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