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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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Olympus Pen E-PL6

Olympus Pen E-PL6 with 14-42mm lens
Nikon D3100 w/ 18-55mm lens

Got a new camera! It's the Olympus Pen E-PL6 with 14-42mm lens, mirrorless camera (top photo). I know that most bloggers and camera enthusiasts are currently raving over the E-PL7, which came out in 2015, but I was not up to purchasing a camera that cost $499. The differences between the PL6 and PL7 (from what I read) doesn't really justify a $200 increase for me. The E-PL7 has wifi access, so you can instantly upload pictures or selfies online, but to be honest that (and other specs) doesn't really intrigue me. I care most about pixels, ISO, low-light capabilities, autofocus, and image stabilization. I'm not an expert by any means, but those are things I noticed over the years that I valued most in my own photography. 

I did not take this camera out for a spin yet, but from the pictures I took so far of my room, (my room is kind of mess right now so can't share the pics haha) I'm in love. This camera costs $299, but I'm just letting you right now that for the quality of this camera, it is DEFINITELY a bargain. It's small and compact, the auto-focus is more stable/accurate and doesn't make a whole bunch of noise like my 18-55mm Nikkor Lens, the low-light photography is MUCH better than my Nikon D3100 (bottom photo), the general perspective and control is better, I'm in LOVEEE. I had some good times with my Nikon D3100, but it's time to move on...

I'm also so happy because I won't feel as paranoid taking it outside, it won't be as bulky, it's much more subtle. I hate bringing attention to myself, and every time I took out my Nikon, I would get a million stares because it's a pretty big, standard-looking DSLR camera. I feel like with this one, it won't be as bad. People are always curious when you take out a camera so looks can't be avoided, but I definitely won't get as many. 

I am so excited, can't wait to show you all some photos that I take with this camera! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Monsieur Rabbit

Hanging out with my rabbit is so fun. He is very quiet, doesn't make much noise, but he has such a character. When he's annoyed at me, he turns his back from me, or he flicks his feet as if to "kick dust" in my face as he hops off. He jumps, twists, does these crazy bunny tricks when he's super happy. He nudges me every time I let him out of his cage in the morning as if to say, "good morning". He "washes" his face, and he's always rearranging the blankets in his cage XD. He's too cute, and it still boggles my mind that I actually adopted a rabbit, even though it has already been about 6 months....wow 6 months already? His 6 month anniversary is technically on April 4th, but close enough right?

When I adopted him back in October, it was during the time I was still working for that crazy boss of mine. He was stress relief for me, he calmed my mind, and made me happy. He is so cute, little, fragile, but still so spunky and rambunctious. My mom tells me that he looks like me, but I think she's crazy haha. But then again, people tend to get pets that resemble themselves. So I guess that we were meant to be. I write so much about my rabbit on this blog, but he's my baby so y'all are gonna have to deal with it hahaha. 
Anyway, do you guys have any pets, or would you like to get one?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

So today is Sunday, which is my unofficial posting day. I wish I did enough activities during the week to post twice a week, but I'd rather give you guys an interesting-ish post with some cool photos instead of skimping out and rambling about nonsense.

Now let me be real, I am so so so TIRED of New York City. I have lived here since I was a few days old, and that gets old REAL QUICK. When people ask me where I was born, sometimes I just tell them that I was born here to make it easier, but I might as well have been right? It takes too long to explain that I was really born in Boston, but moved to NYC literally a few days after I was born. Then I get asked if I'm a Red Sox fan, and I always say no because "I'm not really a Bostonian, I was just born there".... blahhh

 But anyway, as I was saying, I am so tired of NYC. I know to a lot of you, that sounds nuts, but the wanderlust is real, my feet are so itchy!! NYC is my home, but sometimes, I just want to pick up, and get the flip out for a couple of years. I want to breathe in fresh air, not have to deal with disgustingness 24/7, walk at a normal pace instead of speed walking everywhere, experience true peace and quiet. What I do love about nyc though, is the diversity, the easy access to everything, the food, the music/art, the history, and the architecture. 

Anyway, so here are some photos of the view of Downtown Manhattan from Staten Island, a view of Lady Liberty from the State Island Ferry, and some random building on Staten Island. 

Random Question: I recently got into a Music Tech Grad program at NYU. I definitely want to go, but my current loans + my potential Grad School loans would be wayyyy too much for me to bear. To those of you who are in Grad school, or graduated from Grad School, what did you do to combat the costs? What was your ultimate reason for pursuing Grad education? 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Forest Hills

Forest Hills is a neighborhood located in Queens, and it feels like a breath of fresh air compared to the craziness of nyc. It's a very quiet neighborhood with lots of cute houses (that probably cost a fortune), and cool architecture. I had to go over there to practice organ at a church that I will play for tomorrow, and on my way back I decided to walk through one of the residential areas.

 When I get married (or at least when I get a job that earns me a good amount of money), my dream is to live in a neighborhood like Forest Hills, with lots of trees and English Cottage-style houses. Somewhere quiet and beautiful that does not remind of the city, but is still close enough to the city. I want to experience not living in an apartment for a change, 23 years of apartment living gets old, trust me. Anyway, other than that, nothing much is going on. I got a new job about a week and a half ago, and it's going very well. Thank you all for your nice messages/responses to my previous post, it's nice to actually work for someone who is not a complete a**hole.

*note to self* You really need to stop cursing... it's not cute

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