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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

So today is Sunday, which is my unofficial posting day. I wish I did enough activities during the week to post twice a week, but I'd rather give you guys an interesting-ish post with some cool photos instead of skimping out and rambling about nonsense.

Now let me be real, I am so so so TIRED of New York City. I have lived here since I was a few days old, and that gets old REAL QUICK. When people ask me where I was born, sometimes I just tell them that I was born here to make it easier, but I might as well have been right? It takes too long to explain that I was really born in Boston, but moved to NYC literally a few days after I was born. Then I get asked if I'm a Red Sox fan, and I always say no because "I'm not really a Bostonian, I was just born there".... blahhh

 But anyway, as I was saying, I am so tired of NYC. I know to a lot of you, that sounds nuts, but the wanderlust is real, my feet are so itchy!! NYC is my home, but sometimes, I just want to pick up, and get the flip out for a couple of years. I want to breathe in fresh air, not have to deal with disgustingness 24/7, walk at a normal pace instead of speed walking everywhere, experience true peace and quiet. What I do love about nyc though, is the diversity, the easy access to everything, the food, the music/art, the history, and the architecture. 

Anyway, so here are some photos of the view of Downtown Manhattan from Staten Island, a view of Lady Liberty from the State Island Ferry, and some random building on Staten Island. 

Random Question: I recently got into a Music Tech Grad program at NYU. I definitely want to go, but my current loans + my potential Grad School loans would be wayyyy too much for me to bear. To those of you who are in Grad school, or graduated from Grad School, what did you do to combat the costs? What was your ultimate reason for pursuing Grad education? 


  1. Post whenever you want! Grass is always greener on the other side, I can definitely understand people wanting to be in your shoes! Do you want something a little quieter?

    I am afraid I can't really help with your grad dilemma. It's tricky. I guess if you think that the grad course will better your future, then I think that you should pursue it. However if you think it would really think it would put you out too much with costs, I guess it's all about the cost benefit analysis. Also, is it something you believe you would have regrets about if you didn't/did go?

    nat | Dignifiable

    1. Yeah I would love to live somewhere, quieter and cleaner, but still leave close enough to NYC if I need to work.

      And thanks for the tips. The problem with the music industry is that it is so unpredictable, so you never really know if you'll be super successful unless you network a ton, and get hired by a reputable company. I guess the most important thing like in any industry is to build a reputation of being easy to work with, and solid.

  2. Why not take the opportunity to do grad school somewhere new? Find a small city with a good school and go for it! Two birds with one stone.

    If you'd ever like to visit Richmond, I have a place for you :)

    1. Unfortunately, with the thing that I want to study, many colleges don't offer it at Grad Level, except maybe Berklee in Boston, and SAE in Nashville, but those schools would probably cost me even more $$. If only I liked regular subjects *sigh*

      I'm gonna stop by Richmond one of these so expect an email from me before I go haha

  3. Ahh, I feel the same about my blog. While I'd love to update more often I definitely don't have enough interesting things to post about! Unfortunately I don't know much about grad schools to offer any good advice, but I hope you find a solution :)

  4. I felt the same when I lived in London! I loved being from there but it was sometimes hard to get excited with the place that is so expensive to live in and so busy that it is quite hard to feel totally relaxed. I have moved to Nottingham recently, a smaller and quieter city but still as artistic and diverse (I think anyway!) and I am loving not having to pay so much money for the house and everything else. While it is still too early to tell (as have been living here for about 3 weeks so far), I already feel quite relaxed and the air out here is so clean and fresh compared to London. I am just lucky to have my parents that lives in London so I am able to visit anytime. :)

  5. I get what you mean. I've been living in a small country since I was a baby, and everyone knows everyone! There is no privacy here and it feels boring. But I know I'll miss it when I go to the UK for uni, I just want to experience something else first. Good luck on grad school, I hope everything goes well <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H


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