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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Brownstones are so cool (seen in photos 1 & 3). If I had to live in nyc for the rest of my life, I would want to live in a brownstone. They're usually about 3 stories, they're surprisingly spacious, have a backyard, and unfortunately cost a fortune haha. But for the price, they're a steal in comparison to those overly-priced high-rise apartments down in Wall Street or on Park Avenue. I've been to a couple of brownstones that were completely refurbished, and dayuuumm, were they beautiful. A brownstone is not necessarily my dream home, but it's wayyy up there. 

My ultimate dream home is a medium sized 3-story English Tudor-style house in a neighborhood with lots of trees. It would be located preferably somewhere close to nyc because let's face it, I can't quit nyc cold turkey, despite my love/hate relationship with it hahaha.  

What does your dream home look like, and where would you want it to be located?


  1. Sooo pretty! I never imagined I'd feel this way, but my dream home is something really similar to the home I grew up in (a colonial). But I'm also really in love with cute little craftsman houses...just love those front porches!

  2. What neighborhood are you in? I love the look of brownstones, just not so sure about the houses all stuck together. Too many shared walls. I sure do feel poor looking at these haha!

    1. I live in the Upper West Side with the rents haha, where did you live?

  3. NYC is definitely my ultimate living destination in the future. I've given brownstones a thought before, but I still think that the over-priced high rises in Wall Street are my dream homes, haha.


  4. These pictures are so cool! I feel like the look of brownstones is such an NYC thing, I've never seen those kinds of buildings anywhere else. I've never really given it much thought, but I think I'd love to live in a little townhouse somewhere in Sydney one day!

  5. They look gorgeous, would definitely like to live there in such a building! Stunning pictures!


  6. loooove your photography and those pink flowers are beaut. Really happy I stumbled across your blog
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  7. Those photos are so beautiful! I think my dream home may be a cute medium sized home and just as you said with trees around the neighborhood, a beautiful porch, and a hammock! Definietly a hammock hahah, great post!

  8. great post,your photos are so amazing x


  9. A brownstone in NYC would be pretty close to a dream home haha. In Sydney, I'd love an apartment downtown. Realistically, with our market, I reckon I could do with a reasonably nice flat close to the train station less than 30 mins from the city.


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