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Monday, October 17, 2016

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Tryin' to relax...

Taking a walk through Central Park is really relaxing, especially after you've managed to finish most of your homework for the weekend. I don't want to be that person that complains all the time, but man, grad school is a lot of work. Lots of busy work unfortunately =/

Anyways, besides grad school, everything else is pretty alright. My rabbit is chillin and happy as ever, I got a $20 coupon from DSW (shoe heaven) which was great, I bought some much needed Shake Shack yesterday, and I finally took my camera out for a spin after 3 months, shame shame shame on me.

Hope you all are doing ok, I'm going to attempt to do some exciting things this month so I don't fall into that slump of being a graduate student hermit, only emerging when I need food and water, so stay tuned! But don't expect anything too exciting, I'm a relatively boring person haha.


  1. Girl just keep rocking through it! Winter break will be here soon :) I hope you're able to actually take a break and enjoy it!

  2. Would love to hear more about your grad school experiences :) haha I think most people are actually quite boring :P
    nat // dignifiable

  3. Sounds like you've been super busy. Definitely deserving of Shake Shack ;)

    Jane / deluminators


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