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Saturday, December 12, 2015

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Black & White Photos

My rabbit is too cute, but he usually doesn't stay still long enough for me to take a decent picture of him. I want to show him off to the world, but that's just not his plan.... However this time, THANK GOD,  he actually gave me a chance, with a side of attitude too *I see you rabbit*. He probably knew what I was doing; I always imagine that animals know a lot more than we think. I mean, he lives with me in my room, he knows my habits, he knows what gadgets I have in my room, so he must know that I love photography...and that I'm slightly crazy.....

Oh and yes, the second photo is a selfie B)


  1. Nice pictures! It always good to take pictures in b&w to mix it up a little bit now and then, your bunny rabbit looks so cute! :) Your blog is coming a long nicely for only a few posts! Keep it up :)

    xoxo, Lauren | The Dazzle Guide

  2. Aww, rabbits are seriously so cute! And I love the black and white, it feels really serious even though it's just a rabbit (and your selfie haha).

    Sam | http://mybeautycloud.com

  3. It seems like animals know when they're about to be photographed and always shy away! But those moments when we can capture them, makes it worth all the failed attempts. I love how black and white photos look, especially when there's a strong contrast between light and dark.

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. He's so cute! Loving the black and white photos.


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